What are “Payday Loans?”

Payday Loans ReviewsPayday loans are a product that has suddenly become popular throughout the US. Unfortunately many have treated them like a magic answer which has caused issues with further debt troubles, so it is very important to understand what payday loans are before you consider taking one out. If you are not familiar with how they work you could be in a lot of trouble down the road with further debt and something that is almost impossible to pay back. This site is dedicated to providing you the answers you need, as well as exploring payday loans as a viable solution for bad credit.

Payday Loans Options Reviews

Payday loans are a short term, unsecured loan that is available from a myriad of different companies. The loan option works based on the amount of monthly income you make and when your next paycheck will be. Payday loans are set up to be paid back 7, 14, or 30 days after they are taken out. It is all dependent on whether you are paid weekly, bi weekly, or monthly from your current employer. Payday loans have steep interest meaning for a seven day loan you could pay 100% in interest.

Detailed Explanation

Depending on where you go for payday loans you may find there is a 25% fee for the check advance, where you will have to pay $125 if you take out $100 as a loan. Some of the companies offering payday loans will allow the first to be interest free other than the 25% fee as long as you pay the loan back on time. Other companies charge you interest no matter what, which means you pay a fee for the payday loans along with the interest which can even be 400%.

Are Payday Loans a Good Idea?

Payday LoansDepending on your circumstances, they absolutely can be! A small cash advance may help you bridge the gap between paydays. They come in handy when you 1) need to pay an urgent bill and 2) are temporarily short on cash. An online payday loan can help you avoid late fees, overdraft fees or bounced checks. (Sometimes, those fees are more expensive than the fees associated with a short-term loan!) Online loans can also help you pay emergency expenses that cannot wait. If you have an unexpected bill that needs to be paid as soon as possible, consider applying for a short-term loan to cover the costs.

CashNetUSA Reviews

CashNetUSAWhat sets CashNetUSA apart from other lenders? With so many online lenders around, how do you know which ones are legitimate? CashNetUSA is a licensed online payday lender. All theirs fees are clearly posted on theirs Rates & Terms page, so you know how much you’ll repay before you even apply! Plus, approved borrowers can get cash by the next business day. Not all lenders can say the same. CashNetUSA giving customers the best short-term loan experience possible.

Payday Loans Online

The application takes only 5 minute to complete. Most applications require no faxing and no extra paperwork. They offer different products depending on where you live, with rates varying based on your state. For some states, they offer “installment loans” which can have higher amounts and longer repayment terms up to several months. In states where they are not licensed, they will try to match you up with a company that does provide services in your state. They offer extensions in many states. They offer various services depending on your state of residence, but all options have lower rates.

CashNetUSA.com has a comprehensive website with a wealth of information about its process and your loan. The FAQs page is a good resource for answers to general questions and explanations about having a line of credit rather than a typical loan. If you have further questions, you can complete an online contact form, call customer service or use the handy live chat option.

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