About Us

Welcome to my site www.debtconsolidationo.com. I have maintained this site for several years after working in the debt relief industry for numerous years. This site is designed to offer you opinions and solutions to debt relief based on the debt consolidation companies that exist on the net.

I understand that it is hard to search for a debt relief tool that will really work. There are many companies out there promising the same types of things, even a planet they will sell you! The trouble is finding the honest site within the many, which is why I have worked to build this website.

There is no guarantee that you can trust everyone you meet or even those that say trust me instead of the guy next to him. All I can do is tell you honestly that I have worked with the companies I suggest here over the years. I work with the team members, know these members’ faces, and can recommend them based on personal experience. It is the best way that I know to provide you with a trusty review about the companies and people running them in order to help you with debt relief.

The companies I review on this site are real. They provide real debt relief solutions. It doesn’t mean that each and every one review will be right for you. You are the only one that can look at your situation and determine what is best. To help you determine that very thing there are plenty of questions and answers on this site as well in order to help you learn about your situation, you, and even about debt relief solutions that may work for you.

The more you know about debt relief solutions the easier it will be to choose the right debt consolidation company. By examining the process for understanding, benefits, and disadvantages you will be able to ask the companies’ questions before you decide to join their program.

Why should you trust my information?

I have been in this industry for years now working with reputable companies. I have researched the companies I offer to you as solutions. I meet with the management team who runs these companies in person. I believe in the sites I am suggesting to you on this website. I have found that they offer reputable solutions. To provide you with full disclosure I am paid to suggest them as a marketing benefit, but in order for me to feel comfortable receiving pay for my services I fully vet the sites I recommend. I have a tough screening process for each company I recommend to ensure they meet my standards and thus hopefully yours.

I have had thousands of requests from companies seeking my opinion and I also get numerous emails a day from people who appreciate the work I do towards researching these companies. In the debt relief industry there is a lot of talk and dishonesty, which is why you deserve a person who is willing to truly meet with these companies and suggest only the best.