Debt Relief Programs Explained

Debt Relief ProgramsA debt is usually granted by a financial institutions or banks, known as a creditor with expectation of repayment along with the interest. Nowadays, with too much fluctuation in the economy huge number of people fail to pay back the loan amount. This may affect a persons credit history and reduce his future chances to apply for any other loan.

Individuals, who find themselves in such circumstances, often end up having a hard time managing their debts and liabilities. In many cases, the people are not even in the position to maintain their own budget, let alone paying off the debt amount. In such cases, it is always advised to enroll for debt relief programs. Debt relief programs are designed to protect the interest of people with heavy debts. If you are suffering from a financial turmoil and realize that you are not in a position to pay off the money in full, the debt relief programs can assist you with your problems.

There are a lot of words which are used interchangeably when it comes to debt. Settlement, management, relief, negotiations, and services are all words associated with getting help for your monetary issues. Each one has its own definition. Additionally, each one has its own focus. Management and settlement are two different things. They work in similar ways, but often the pathway to becoming free of any financial obligations is different. This article is meant to help you find debt relief programs based on the various options out there. There are several programs and solutions that can help you get back on your feet. Let’s take a look at them in brief:

Types of Debt Relief Programs

Debt Settlement: in this general topic you will arrive at a settlement amount with the creditor. A negotiator will be involved in this process. This expert will speak with the credit card company or lender to reach an agreement regarding the lump sum you can “settle” with. The sum is often lower than what you owe. A partial payment that is accepted is generally not lower than 50% of what you owe. Unless the company is really hurting and you can prove bankruptcy is the next step, the company is likely to want close to the full amount.

In a situation when a debtor is not at all able to pay back the loan amount or denies to do so, the creditor’s first step is to hire a collection agency and get the money back. Settlement companies have their own rigorous procedures to take out the money from the debtor. At this stage a debtor may want to settle for a debt agreement to avoid any hassles in the future. Debt Settlement is one of the most effective bankruptcy options that provide safe and secure exit from the baggage of unsecured debts. Even though it may not be a perfect solution for all people, it is actually a good way to clear your debts while searching for a good bankruptcy option.

A debt settlement advice or negotiation is a viable solution for the people suffering from heavy loads of debt. It is a process through which people negotiate with their creditors to either make full and final payment that’s significantly lower than the principal amount or reduce the interest rate to create a new payment schedule. In case a person has been declared bankrupt, the creditors provide options where they are able to get something, rather than nothing. Debt settlements advice usually takes place in the case of unsecured debts such as credit card bills, medical bills etc where the chances of recovery is less.

Debt settlement would require you to employ professional debt relief service that can directly with your loan provider or creditors and help you obtain debt-free credit cards quickly. It can bring a great debt relief in a situation where a debtor does not have any source of income to pay back his loans.

Various Debt Consolidation Programs

Debt consolidation is basically a process in which you are allowed to group all your bills and loans into one single monthly payment. This may include your utility bills, credit cards, car loans, student loans and so on. It is an effective way to clear out your debts faster and in a more convenient manner. For instance: if you currently have three student loans, you can consolidate them into one loan, reducing the baggage of multiple monthly payments. This will allow you to bring your monthly budget plans in balance.

Debt Consolidation - there are loans you can obtain to help you reduce your obligations. Under these debt relief programs you obtain a loan large enough to cover your current debts. Any credit cards, personal loans, car loans, and other loans can be rolled into the consolidation loan. The loan is designed to pay out less interest rate throughout the years. It is also meant to lower your payment if possible for the monthly obligation. You might see an interest rate of 20% on a consolidation loan. It is an unsecured loan; however, when you have five debts ranging in interest from 11.99% to 25% you are paying less with one loan at 20%. It is all about the math.

Currently, there are various debt consolidation programs to choose from. You can compare and find out the one that best suits your budget and requirements. Terms and conditions for each program may differ depending upon the provider and your financial situation. So you need to analyze each offerings well, to be able to make the right decision. Choosing a right debt relief consolidation programs can have multiple benefits on your financial status. In these programs you also get the benefit of lower interest rates than the credit card debt, allowing you to put maximum money towards principal than interest. Therefore, you are able to clear your debt faster. Besides, you also get the privilege of having single monthly payment, reducing your chance of missing any payment..

Credit counseling is also commonly termed as debt counseling or debt management. In this process, you do not make the payment directly to the creditor or loan provider. You are supposed to make a single payment to your debt management firm, which will then forward the payment to your creditors individually. The primary focus of debt relief is to negotiate a profitable deal with creditors to reduce interest rates. This helps you pay off your debts much faster as compared to minimum payment. The major advantage of involving such services is that they dont have any collection calls.

Credit Counseling provides a budget for consumers who are unable to create their own debt relief. Counseling services are provided in two forms: government or private organizations. Government organizations are non-profit locations in cities and towns around the United States. They have government funds to provide free counseling. It is a voluntary program. Universities, US Cooperative Services, military, credit unions, and housing authorities’ offer debt counseling. Private debt counseling requires fees. Both types of credit counseling provide advice, seminars, personalized services, and educational materials.

Debt Management: debt relief programs offering debt management are about payment plans. A credit counselor is going to look at all of your expenses, income, and savings. They will determine where you can save on your spending and what payment you have to make to a debt. For instance, you might pay the minimum monthly payment to three credit cards, but on the fourth you pay double the minimum monthly payment. In this way you pay more to one without defaulting on the other. You pay off one credit card and work your way towards paying off each of them until the debt is gone.

Bankruptcy: this can also be considered part of the debt relief programs available to you. It is not the greatest option. In fact it is the very last thing you want to do. If at all possible work out your financial issues with your creditors whether it is with settlement, management, or consolidation.

Bankruptcy requires you to live with the consequences for over seven years. For seven years the bankruptcy will make obtaining credit difficult. You will have risk stamped on your credit report and scores, even if the bankruptcy was due to job loss where you just didn’t have the income to pay your debts.

Disclosure Requirements for Debt Relief Programs

Fees:A fee can only be charged for programs once the debt has been settled or reduced. Any debt settlement company is prohibited from charging fees for services upfront as part of the FTC amendments made to the Telemarketing Sales Rule.

Disclosure Requirements:Under Federal law a debt relief program must provide clear explanations of terms, price, and results. The company must explain any money or percentage of the outstanding debt a consumer may save or be liable for during the process of debt settlement or other programs. If non-payments are requested by the relief program mediator all consequences must be disclosed to the exact understanding of the consumer to avoid any miscommunication.

Tax Consequences:The government can tax savings found with debt relief programs. It is, in certain situations, considered income and therefore taxable. Credit card companies and other creditors may report to the IRS regarding settled accounts. Insolvency is one way to avoid tax consequences.

Debt Relief Programs Fraud

The Federal Trade Commission has sued companies offering debt relief programs over the last couple of years. The FTC and IRS has investigated and found some programs to be fraudulent. Over 12 companies have been sued and at least half a dozen are still under review.

The IRS announced certain companies and law firms around the country offered debt relief scams on IRS taxes. Consumers are told, for an upfront fee, the company can provide tax relief regarding any savings made on debt.

Other debt relief scams have involved upfront payments and debt consolidation or debt settlement. A company will promise to reduce the payments by 50 to 70 percent. In a month or two, the creditors are calling debtors asking why they stopped payments and telling the consumer their loan is going to collections. The consumer is unaware of nonpayment believing the debt has been resolved.


Protection from debt relief is possible if the consumer researches the available programs and seeks government sanctioned assistance programs. Reviews can be used as one method of researching available programs.

Companies that ask for the following:

Upfront fees

Pressures consumers to make a contribution

Guarantees all unsecured debt will disappear

Stops communicating with the creditor and/or debtor

Tells a consumer to stop making payments

is usually an organization running a debt relief scam. Recognizing a scam or fraud is the main line of protection a consumer can have against fraud. Seeking a government backed organization or one with a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating provides further protection against scams.

Claims may be filed should a consumer feel wronged. Claims must be filed through the police to establish a foundation for a court proceeding against the company.

Reliable and Effective Debt Relief Programs

National Debt ReliefIf you’re looking for any reliable and effective debt relief program, then considering National Debt Relief can be a good choice. Such programs not just help you get rid of your debts faster, but also help you settle down the ones you may be incapable of paying. As for choosing a debt settlement company, you may want to check out the official site to examine the functioning of the organization. You must take a look at the information provided on the site to be able to make the right decision. The company is equipped with good resources and offers consumer advocates, comparison tools, education, and free videos to help you out find the right option for you. . Furthermore, they have a panel of experienced credit officials offering different debt settlement and consolidation options to help you find the best according to your need.

In order to find the best debt relief program it is important to find what the company has to offer. According to the reports by National Debt Relief, over 125 million Americans are able to provide their right credit score, but hardly anyone knows the significance of it. Debt relief programs can help you understand your financial rights and duties so you are able to take the right decisions at the right time.

The debt relief company mentioned is highly reputable, successful and trustworthy. The site offers incredible information to its readers. They have their own television commercial channel focusing debt settlement and related issues. You may even apply for loans through the site for better financially assistance. This site is one of its kinds that is offering unsurpassed advice to provide debt relief and related assistance.

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