Debt Management is not Debt Settlement

Debt ManagementDebt management is usually confused with debt settlement; however, they are two different ways to solve financial troubles. I understand; I review companies for you.

Debt management needs to be explained so you understand how it differs from settlement options. I also want you to understand what it is I do, so that you are able to find the right debt relief for your situation. Management is only one solution out there for your needs. Rather than getting confused or worried over your financial troubles it is important to seek a solution you can trust like debt management through an agency.

Many of the agencies out there offering you financial solutions will provide you with answers about management, but you also want to trust these companies. You see, not all of the companies you find on the internet will be able to offer you a true product. Some are scams and though the Federal Trade Commission is working hard to stop these scams they are still out there. It is up to you to research management companies to find which one to trust. I can help you with that. I spent years in the field, studying companies. I get thousands of emails each week asking me to review a company offering management.

Debt Management Plan

Debt Management ReviewsI do not complete these reviews until I have fully vetted a debt management company. I do obtain a fee for the work I do. I believe in full disclosure, and this is for the marketing advice I give. The reviews are created based on my high standards, thus they will hopefully meet your standards too. When it comes to management you can do this on your own. You do not need a company backing you, but having a second opinion does not hurt considering you have to also work to define what the cause of your debt is. There are those of us who know we spend too much and others who are not aware of a psychological cause that makes us need debt management.

Debt management is about budgeting the income you make based on the expenses you have. You have to analyze what you spend per month including incidentals like gas, maintenance, and groceries. The idea is to find areas you can begin leading a minimalist life such as cutting out ice cream and eating out. Management is designed to help you find extra funds to pay towards the debts you owe. It won’t work unless you eliminate extraneous expenditures. Debt management is a plan you set up and pay on.

Now, the reason debt management companies exist is so that they can help you with the plan. A company offering this type of debt help will take the income you have and pay all your bills. Often they leave you with a small allowance for incidentals. They use all the money left over for the management plan paying the minimum balances on all your debts, but paying a little more to one than all the rest. In other words if you pay $50 to each credit card, but have $100 extra it will be applied to one of the credit cards. In debt management the extra funds will pay down one credit card faster than others until it is paid off.

In this way, you pay one down and then move on to the next so that the next payment under your management plan is higher. The second credit card gets paid down quicker, and then the next, until finally all of the credit cards or debt owed is paid off.

Debt management is not settlement where the company negotiates for a smaller lump sum to be paid to the creditors paying off all the creditors at once. As you can see there are differences, thus researching management companies is imperative to your overall success to become free of any financial burdens that have plagued you.

Top Choice for Debt Management

National Debt ReliefThe first is National Debt Relief.This company is BBB accredited and works with all the creditors at once. They also have worked over the last ten years to build up great relationships with various credit card companies and creditors to ensure you have successful debt management. The idea is to resolve your credit problems quickly and with reviewable results before you actually make payments.

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Freedom Debt ReliefYou can also try Freedom Debt Relief. This company provides quite a bit of information, free consultations, and allows you to work on debt management on your own if you wish. They have helped with thousands of other clients to provide Tax Debt Relief. For your needs this company offers more of an information center designed to help with counseling and debt problems.

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CuraDebtThe last company CuraDebt is more of a settlement option than debt management; however, they will still help you come up with a plan. Their staff members keep in regular contact with you and offer a money back guarantee if you do not see their solution to debt relief problems working for you. The company will also provide with the Business Debt Counseling and Tax Debt Relief.

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They are there to make certain you can find the answers you need towards any creditor help including management. It is up to you to make the choice regarding which company will provide you the best solution for debt management.

Debt Management Solutions Divulged

Money - it seems like our lives revolve around it even if we wish it otherwise. When you live paycheck to paycheck it often consumes you. You have to determine if you have enough to pay your debts, how much you can send extra to your credit cards, and much more. It is frustrating, but there are answers in debt management solutions.

To find the right option it is often best to seek advice. An expert in debt help companies can help you examine those that exist and determine which ones are trustworthy. You can also check out the FTC government page to see the company name list of those who have recently been prosecuted. The Federal Trade Commission exists to ensure that nothing goes wrong with how businesses operate. When there are enough complaints they investigate and often prosecute based on the evidence they find. It helps keep you safer when dealing with companies that are not always legit. You may worry about scams because of the negative publicity debt management solutions have, but it is not a good enough reason to continue in your debt cycle.

Debt Management Reviews

When the creditors are hounding you or bankruptcy looks like a great solution, you have a problem that needs attention. Sure, you can try to address it yourself, but is this really the right thing to do? Remember how you got into the debt mess first. Did you lose a job or just spend too much when you didn’t really have the money to pay it off?

For those who have a spending problem it is often best to address the psychological issue first. A debt management solutions company can help you with that. Many have financial counselors as well as negotiators to help you address the entire problem. A counselor is going to look at your financial situation, state where you might spend less, and then ask to determine how you think you got into the debt. Do not be embarrassed to answer the truth. Some people spend when they do not have the money because of insecure feelings. Others lose control of their own management system and just begin to spend what they see in their bank account. Addressing issues like this can help you make certain to avoid any problems in the future. It also means the debt management solutions you choose from will stick to keep you debt free from now on.

The fact is that sometimes we all need help at least once. A highly independent person can truly find it difficult to lean on anyone for help, but even that person has to realize that if debt is just too much help is the only way to get back in control. The fact is that debt management solutions exist in order to help you. Once you find a trustworthy company you can trust make certain to utilize the solution that best fits your current needs and monetary situation to avoid further debt troubles like bankruptcy.